beneath the ground

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Released and shipped the 7th day of july.

Over 45 minutes of tragic dark magic doomed death fvkkin metal recorded down the filthy alleys of the harbor in East Central Stockholm on various moldy nights in the year 2016 by the legendary line-up of David Isberg – vocals, Ronnie Bergerstål – drums, Rolph Ericson – guitars and Aleksei Dipa – bass.

The cassette is mastered and edited by Miles Molina, it comes with liner notes from Rolph Ericson and a very exclusive patch and contains original artwork by Kristin Sjökvist. Handnumbered and signed.

This cassette contains unique rehearsal recordings of unheard songs.

Side A:
1. A Spring Meadow Murder
2. Archangel Polymorphess in Blue
3. Figlie Alchemici
4. Intime Soirée

Side B:
5. Significance In Amber
6. The Denial of Monte Prado
7. Unonoctium (The Tragic Monologues Phase III)

This recording will not be digitalized for online streaming and it will not be reprinted again.

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Debut album “Eternal Damnation” released digital October 31st, 2020.

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