The Grave Sessions

bloodofjupiter “The Grave Sessions”. New ltd to 100 copies only cassette this Friday at our Bandcamp only! “The Grave Sessions” featuring over 40 minutes of unheard rehearsal recordings from the classic line-up of Ericson-Bergestål-Dipa-Isberg. 7 songs from 2016 recorded down the filth and stench in the darkest lanes of the harbor of East Central Stockholm. Friday 4/6 gives a decent early bird price and this cassette also comes with an exclusive patch only to be had along the cassette. Songs featured will be: 1. A Spring Meadow Murder 2. Archangel Polymorphess In Blue, 3. Figlie Alchemici 4. Intime Soirée, 5. Significance In Amber, 6. The Denial of Monteprado, 7. Unonoctium (The Tragic Monologues phase III). Special artwork by Kristin Sjöstedt and cassette mastering by Miles and liner notes from guitar maestro Rolph Ericson, not available on any format. 100 only copies ever. Pt 2 of a ltd cassette trilogy covering material not available elsewhere. Link to be announced Midnight -> Midnight Pacific Time Friday 4th of june. Support the fvkkin underground! #dangerousderangedpowerfuldoomofdeathandbrutality #bloodofjupiter #deathmetalstockholm

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