drinks of damnation

The founder of bloodofjupiter, David Isberg, also well known as a Sommelier, created several alcoholic drinks over the years, and for this cooperation with Tevsjö Mill & Distillery, he decided to honor them to this band as being his life project with names and style. The beverages should be designed in both style and flavor suitable with the bands extreme and elegant music.

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bloodofjupiter Liquid Damnation, ABV 45% Systembolaget catalog number 51331 494:- 50 cl

The first one out is a modern snaps, a gentle but powerful aperitif proudly named after the band’s magnificent album “Eternal Damnation” to bloodofjupiter Liquid Damnation. This is based upon a Vodka made by Master Distiller Jonas Larsson at Tevsjö Mill & Distillery. The unique water comes from the distillery´s own secret well, hidden in the dark forest on a hill above the distillery. The grains are grown on the meadows just outside the distillery and finally refined in the mill, associated with the distillery where Jonas’s wife, Anna, is the 7th generation miller. The spirit is then distilled to perfection in a unique 8-meter high copper column.

The vodka is flavored with pure ingredients of smokey whisky, cucumber, lemon, coffee beans, and red hot chili. Powerful and elegant matching loads of food like shrimps, smoked salmon, tex mex, ribs, cajun & creole cooking etc Released April the 10th 2021.

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bloodofjupiter Bleedgin Heavy Strength, ABV 45%, Systembolaget catalog number 53151 494:- 50cl

“-You can not have a band having a single named “Bleeding” without having a gin called Bleedgin!”. Master distiller Jonas Larsson went harsh on David Isberg. It awoke the mind of the creative singer, lyricist, and sommelier. A few days later a recipe was created and a train booked up north for David to try it out in the distillery ahead of the production.

This gin, spiced with juniper, cilantro, blood orange, and no less than four different chili fruits was a true challenge. Again to find a path for holding the correct balance of the ingredients and keep it flavorful without missing something out. A gin was born.

This gin is excellent to consume alone upon a cube of ice or mixed in classical drinks such as Negroni & Gin Sour. Mixed with flavored tonics such as the Mediterranean, pink pepper & spruce to name a few. The last one can be ordered at the band’s favorite pub in Stockholm, Oliver Twist nearby Slussen named Doom & Tonic. Released September the 21st 2021.

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Also, a drink to honor the best ever epic doom metal band, Candlemass, created by David:

Darkness In Paradise

6,66 cl bloodofjupiter Bleedgin Heavy Strength

1/2 Spanish pepper

2 slices of lemon

Fresh raspberries & blueberries

Pour over ice and stir well, top with Pink Pepper Tonic at the measures of your choice, enjoy.

bloodofjupiter Bleedgin Unholy Strength, ABV 66,6%, Systembolaget catalog number 53152, 666:- 50cl

Later that night the journey took a lead and the pair aimed for a stronger strength of the same Gin, influenced by the popular “Navy Strength”-trend. As the band is not a nautic metal band and the connection to gunpowder and seamen is limited, the decision was to create something else, yet more powerful. So many tempting alternatives flushed them over until the spell was cast and the beverage took a shape. This monster was spawned and alive.

After aiming for strength in the land of Absinthe, the duo finally found a perfect match of balancing the flavor along with the alcohol. The main goal was to keep all the flavors and have the alcohol as a taste bearer rather than a taste leader.

A late and cold Thursday night the result was perfected and then started a long story of production delays, so the original plan for a summer release was just to forget due to issues as waiting for bottles, administration causes with Systembolaget, and the label printer not fixing the production schedule before closing for the summer holiday etc.

This Unholy Strengthened Gin is best enjoyed upon the ice with a stench or two of bitter or mixed with a powerful extra bitter Tonic or as a base in classic drinks such as Aviation, Gin Rickey, or Negroni.

Finally September the 13th 2021 the world could order their bottles of unholy magic.

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