2021 – what´s on?

The year started and so did the works with the second album, at the moment entitled “Seeing the end – Blood on the sun”.

A concept album seeing the Seeresses turn towards atrophy, an exciting and dark journey leading towards an ominous expiry.

When the album will be done and how many songs there will, in the end, is a bit too early to tell.

News will be provided continuously.

There is new blood in the crew & this piece looks like it will come out harder and more brutal than ever before. Stay tuned.

The gig at Järfälla Metal Fest May 29th, 2021 is postponed to May 28 2022 due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Another gig will soon be revealed.

A secret cassette is planned as participation in an underground split-release.

The era of absolutely nothing

In the process of writing, I sometimes go for different subjects for inspiration. For some of the new songs, we will be featuring the subject nothing. Like in absolutely nothing. What is nothing, what something can I place into nothing? What nothing can I place into something? These theories are interesting to work with and see what I can get out of it and what people will interpret from my writings. Most of them are quite open and it is for the eyes of the beholder to decide what something is the nothing I keep going about. Or maybe it is something ending up in nothing that is something, like the quite odd piece named “Abstract Unobtainium” where I create something out of nothing and place it here as well as there and all of a sudden good ol´Cthulu swims into the picture.

In another piece, I just discovered the other day that I might stole that title from a line in a newer Deep Purple-song. I never steal on purpose, but sometimes it´s been told for you before and it can take a long time before you discover that your context do have an overlapping with a certain context from somewhere else. The funny thing is when you do discover the most unpredictable coincidences. They are really not that obviously many of the times.

Inspirational elements are likely far back in my head and when I do write something I apparently do have something completely else on my mind. Why my contexts often ends up in complete complexity. Unpredictable and also fascinating. Looking at my book, I discovered by a fanmail that I used the title for a song for Opeth many years ago, which I could not for my life remember myself as the song was really not used in the end so it got buried and forgotten. Still the title etched inside my head far back and when I started the work with the book in 2013, I was all clear about the title to start with. The next book, on the other hand, contains a title with words that are newer for me than the days with some other band than bloodofjupiter but the book coming after that contains another theft of an old title from a song that might be remembered by one or two. So there is always a meaning of the nothing that actually is a something, because the day nothing will become nothing, then you probably clocked out already.


/David Isberg, bloodofjupiter 2020