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2021 – what´s on?

The year started and so did the works with the second album, at the moment entitled “Seeing the end – Blood on the sun”.

A concept album seeing the Seeresses turn towards atrophy, an exciting and dark journey leading towards an ominous expiry.

When the album will be done and how many songs there will, in the end, is a bit too early to tell.

News will be provided continuously.

There is new blood in the crew & this piece looks like it will come out harder and more brutal than ever before. Stay tuned.

The gig at Järfälla Metal Fest May 29th, 2021 is postponed to May 28 2022 due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Another gig will soon be revealed.

A secret cassette is planned as participation in an underground split-release.

About a month ago a German web magazine named* was the first media after Fathoming Heavy-blog to ever mention the band. Of course, we are pleased to be mentioned by such a great magazine but also we are amused how people, despite how much we do bloody nag it into folks head, misspells our band name. It is simple… SIMPLE, SIMPLE! ONE word, LOWER CASE letters, ONLY!!!




Nothing else.

*After see this changed it into one word but they use upper case letters for all bands so that matter stands.

So fire up your German or use Google translate and read the first-ever article written about us:

Note 2: when we do spread this web site it also gives bloodofjupiter in capital letters… so before we become completely arrogant douchebags we must confess…

Vampster Article about bloodofjupiter by Arlette Dumittan

Eternal Damnation 2020

We are in 2020 and our debut album “Eternal Damnation” is recorded with technician and co-producer Robert Pehrson in Humbucker Studios in Stockholm. It will be mixed later in the spring and most likely self-released in the fall. The tracks recorded were:

  1. Eternal Damnation
  2. Abstract Unobtainium
  3. Hommage des Ténèbres
  4. Archangel Polymorphess in Blue
  5. 232 – Esoteric Terror
  6. Bleeding
  7. Storm Past Torture