the past breathes

For quickest update on setlists from the bands gigs:


“Night of the Damned”, Bolaget!, Folkets Hus Sandviken


  1. Seeing the end (first time live)
  2. Eternal Damnation
  3. Step By Step (first time live)
  4. Blood on the Sun (first time live)
  5. Like a Well Filled With Gold (first time live)
  6. A Spring Meadow Murder (first time live)

Setlength 38 minutes, first gig with new line up Johan on guitar, Rob Rocker on bass and session drummer Luddd Lundberg filling in for injured Roberto Thord Granath

Promotors Bolaget! // Martin Wikström


“Ritual of Severe Depression”, The Garage, Plan B Malmoe


(Black Sabbath “Trashed” taped intro)

1. Bleeding

2. Archangel Polymorphess in Blue

3. Eternal Damnation

4. Hommage des Tènébres

5. Platonic Considerations From the Shores of Kataja 1538

6. 232 -Esoteric Terror

7. Abstract Unobtainium

Setlength 72 minutes: attandance 50 due to Covid19 restrictions. Co-headline w Siniestro,

Promotor: Friendship & Music


“Storms of Chaos”, Fredagsmangel Jakobs Bar & Kök Jakobsberg 05082020

1. Eternal Damnation

2. As Nothing Understands (ending w vocal snippets from Peter Perrett “Master of Destruction”

3. Fragmentary Lapse of Control (ending w vocal snippets from Joy Division “Shadowplay”

4. Platonic Considerations From The Shores of Kataja 1538

5. 232 – Esoteric Terror

6. Bleeding

7. Abstract Unobtainium

Setlength 63 minutes, attendance 50 due to Covid-19 restrictions Promotor: Fredagsmangel


“Doom Over Hornstull”, Bar Brooklyn Debaser headline support: Python

(Black Sabbath “Trashed” -taped intro)

1. Eternal Damnation

2. Hommage des Ténèbres

3. Storm Past Torture

4. Bleeding

5. 232 – Esoteric Terror

6. Abstract Unobtainium

7. Archangel Polymorphess in Blue

Setlength 57 minutes, attendance 300 people promotor Ett Tjockt Djävla Svin

“Hommage des Ténèbres 2.0”, Kafé 44 Stockholm w Siniestro & Repuked.

1. Archangel Polymorphess in Blue

2. Eternal Damnation

3. 232 Esoteric Terror

4. Hommages des Ténèbres

5. Storm Past Torture

6. Abstract Unobtainium

Setlength 47 minutes, attendance 161 persons, promotor Ett Tjockt Djävla Svin

“Death Kills Fest 5”, Copperfields Stockholm February 22 2019 w Macabre Decay & Envig ( Gravetomb, Obscyria& Turbocharged playing the 2nd Day of the fest)

  1. Archangel Polymorphess in Blue
  2. Abstract Unobtainium
  3. Storm Past Torture
  4. Hommage des Ténèbres

Setlength ca 34 minutes, attendance ca120 persons. Promotor: Death Kills

“Hommage des Ténèbres”, Kafé 44 Stockholm December 1st 2018 w Mystik & Mefisto

  1. Storm Past Torture
  2. Archangel Polymorphess in Blue
  3. Abstract Unobtainium
  4. Hommage des Ténèbres

Set length ca 32 minutes, attendance ca 108 persons. Promotor: Tre Små Svin